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Sex toys might give your sex life a little extra spark, but did you know it can do the same thing for your relationship? Some people might find the idea of using toys during intercourse uncomfortable, but others have found that they are one of the best ways to get closer — in and out of the bedroom.

Here are five ways sex toys are fantastic for your relationship.

Better Communication


The benefits sex toys offer starts when you and your partner start shopping for toys. The two of you have to discuss what you want, what you don’t want, explain your reasoning, and more. If you have difficulties expressing your sexual preferences or desires with your partner, being face-to-face with (or face-to-screen, if you’re shopping online) is sure to initiate a dialogue between you.

As for what happens when the two of you get home? Surveys find that 29% of couples who use sex toys have no issue directing their partner during intercourse, versus 17% who feel comfortable giving directions in bed.

Ease Performance Anxiety


Did you know that men and women are equally concerned about their bedroom performance? While men worry about their ability to bring their partner to climax, women feel anxious about trying to have an orgasm. All this concern takes away from the fun you’re supposed to have during sex, don’t you think?

Introducing sex toys in the bedroom, especially ones designed specifically for couples, lets you both leave your worries (and your clothes!) at the door. As a result, you’ll feel more confident in the bedroom while enjoying the best sex you’ve ever had together.

Enhance Intimacy


Sex toys make it easier for you and your partner to discuss your preferences, express your fantasies, and explore your sex life further. Even easier than using Adult Sites. One survey found that 51% of couples who purchased toys discuss sex “often” or “very often.” On the other hand, just 28% of couples who didn’t use sex toys talked about sex.

Not only can this discussion be a thrilling experience, but you will also learn much more about each other. Sexual understanding develops intimacy, which is the foundation of a healthy relationship both in and out of the bedroom.

Open The Door For New Things


You have sexual fantasies, and so does your partner. Whether you keep them a secret or not, sex toys help you fulfill them. That’s because introducing toys to your relationship is one part of broadening your horizons. And when you have an open mind, you’ll feel more comfortable sharing your fantasies with your partner, leading to an even stronger bond.

Better Sex


Sex toys lead to better sex; no questions asked. But it’s not just the physical aspect that toys enhance; it’s the emotional side, too. Research has found that couples who describe their sex lives as positive also tend to have healthier and happier relationships. So yes, while sex toys can give you mind-blowing orgasms, it’s just one of many awesome perks they have to offer your relationship.


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