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8 measures for a “greener” education

Make sustainable development a criterion for recruiting a graduate, set up an exemplary campus or set aside time for a citizen project: 8 directors of universities and higher schools deliver their solutions for an education more focused on sustainable development.


Eight directors and presidents of French grandes écoles propose their measures for a greener and more responsible education. Realistic, they also highlight the pitfalls of this approach.

The measure of Frank Vidal, managing director of Audencia, in Nantes : “Stop asking the question of knowing whether or not we are responsible for the excesses of capitalism, and say to ourselves straight away:” Yes, we will “This assumption is spread throughout all of our courses, where sustainable development will ultimately represent 20% of course hours. We are at 15%.”  

The brake : “The risk of sticking to the mantra. We do not see enough in the new managerial practices (favor local production, establish a carbon footprint) the opportunity to get out of the crisis. However, it is the case. ”