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Budget 2015: education and higher education preserved

Paris – National Education and Higher Education remain preserved in the 2015 draft budget, with the continued creation of the 60,000 jobs promised over the five-year term, and aid to the “most fragile” municipalities as part of the reform school rhythms.

The budget for school education (education and technical agricultural education) amounts to 47.4 billion euros and to 66.4 billion euros if pensions are included. It increased by 1.1 billion, the amount announced by former Minister Benoît Hamon during the handover with Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.  

The project presented Wednesday provides for the creation of 9,561 full-time equivalent positions (including 140 in agricultural technical education), mainly in primary education, to meet the increase in the number of pupils, “to continue improving initial training and continuing teachers “and implement the priority education reform. 

This budget marks indeed an increase in resources for priority education, relaunched since the start of the new school year and which will gain momentum in a year, with time freed up for the joint work of teachers and a revaluation of their allowances. 

As part of the reform of school rates, part of the aid to local authorities is maintained at the start of the next school year ” for the most fragile municipalities “: they will receive support for around a hundred over the 2015-2016 school year. millions of euros. An extension had already been announced for the next school year, without specifying whether it would concern all the municipalities or those most in difficulty