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College certificate 2015: the subjects of the history-geography and civic education test

After French and mathematics, 835,000 schoolchildren are working this Friday on the last of the three written tests for the national patent diploma, the history-geography and civic education test. Discover the details of the tests, in both the general and professional series.

The history-geography test of the national patent diploma counts for a coefficient 2. It lasts 2 hours and includes three parts: history, marked on 13 points, geography, marked also on 13 points, and civic education, marked on 10 points. Mastery of spelling and the quality of written expression are also noted on 4 points.  

“Education Day”: when Twitter plays career fairs
The network of the blue bird organizes this Thursday a big European day dedicated to the orientation in higher education. The establishments participating in the event answer students’ questions.

Code name: #EducationDay. In February, the social network Twitter organized a European job day with the hashtag #VotreJob. He does it again on Thursday, this time proposing to put the students in touch with their future schools or universities .  

French schools and universities very present

715 establishments in Europe, and more than 250 in France have decided to participate in this gigantic online orientation fair. A good opportunity for schools and universities to get noticed by students, French or foreign , by posting advice, testimonials from alumni, photos of the locals, or live visit via the Periscope.