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One of the most commonly asked questions by many clients is “How long SEO needs to be done?”

So, the answer to this is quite guessable and simple. SEO needs to be done until any business wants to run. Unless and until the business closes, it is not at all recommended to stop doing the SEO skill.

With regular Google updates on a ride every month, one cannot guarantee stable rankings to the clients in a given time frame. Hello So, if you need to maintain the rankings of a website and bring in more traffic consistently, it is recommended to do SEO regularly.

So, here is what happens when you suddenly stop doing SEO for a website

Ranking and Traffic Drops

When you stop doing SEO, you observe the rankings drop for your website. Though the effect will not be seen instantly, the rankings and traffic for the website will drop gradually. Usually, in most cases, the rankings stay constant for the first few months and then start declining slowly.

When there is no more extended content optimization or website refreshing is not done on a regular basis, the traffic starts dropping gradually. However, the rate of decline may not remain in the same manner for every brand.

In case if your website is serving any local business, it continues to see traffic for a longer period, as the people search your website only with the brand name or re-visit for continuous business. In order to maintain your rankings, it is ideal for taking Local SEO Packages for better rankings and business growths.

Other sites which are not focussing on local business, and not doing SEO, will see the negative effects sooner.

The traffic for the website stops as there is no more update going on the website nor any links are being done for it. So, when Google crawls the website and sees no update on it, it drops the ranks for your search terms in the past.

Even a small drop in the rankings of the search term will have a major effect in terms of traffic hampering.

Why Do Rankings and Traffic Decline?

Google search engine values fresh content and rewards the regularly updated sites with the top rankings. Updating content with time will definitely help your website to rank good.

If you keep pushing content regularly on your website, Googlebot will start crawling your website more frequently. So, the chances of your website appearing on top for more search terms becomes pretty high.

The only thing your website needs to do is provide the right content your readers are looking for. Companies like Moz have also stated that “content is king”. So, if the content update is stopped on your website, the rankings also drop.


Competitors keep changing with the changing search terms in your industry. Even if you stop doing SEO, the competitors never stop doing it. So, the chances of they outrank you for business-related search terms is pretty high.

In SEO, your competitors keep on spying you every minute and look for a chance to outrank you in every possible manner. When you stop performing SEO activities, you are giving a chance for your competitors to beat you in the rankings.

Changes in Google Algorithm

Google has released many core algorithms like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, etc. which focuses on the quality of the content, backlinks, and the site structure. When these updates from Google find that your website is not satisfying any of the algorithms, then it pushes down the rankings of your website. Hence, it is very necessary to stay up-to-date with the latest updates of the Google algorithm and then make your website comply with the latest changes.

Your business needs to be updated in terms of content, backlinks, and also the structure, in order to stay on top of the rankings. These are the most crucial points to stay on the top.

Lose Website Trust

Companies that perform SEO on a regular basis gain more trust and authority in the eyes of Google, which eventually results in better rankings on the search engine. You should always check your website for SEO if the SEO is not being performed regularly, the authority and trust that was gained on the website, since that point of time, will be lost. Eventually, this leads to a loss of trust in the digital market.

In short, SEO is like a regular practice. If it is stopped even for a few days, you will not see any difference instantly, but gradually will result in the killing of the rankings and hampering the traffic. 


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